TVWS Technology Transformation nel Meta in Colombia

Connectivity as an economic opportunity for the isolated rural areas and as a base for the experience exchange among the coffee growers in the world.

Technology plays a key role in the process of strengthening the coffee’s quality and productivity. Therefore, it helps improving the living standards and sustaining the production change up to commercialization. Connectivity, technology adoption and data analysis are included in a reality full of experiences and knowledges thanks to the Lavazza Foundation’s and Carcafe’s work in the Meta region in Colombia.

We aim at ensuring the access to connectivity by using the technology that adapts the best to this scenario. This technology is TVWS, which uses the free radio frequencies.

Our partner in this project is Microsoft Colombia, leader in developing TVWS projects, with the support of the Colombian ICT Ministry, the National Spectrum Agency and the non-profit Makaia, which works with us in the implementation of innovation projects.