Colombia is Energy


Dialogue between France and Colombia. The joint work between the Colombian companies of the energy sector and the innovatice projects of the Atomic and Alternative Energies Center –CEA-, speeds up the innovation processes, opening new scientific development scenarios applied to industry. This is a meeting place thought and organized in France by ALO and RutaN, the main innovation and business center in Colombia.

The FEXTE project was born in the framework of the cooperation between the Colombian energy companies and CEA’s innovative projects.

FEXTE is a fund for the exchange of experiences and technical knowledge on the initiatives focused on RE.

The purpose is to make an analysis on the obstacles that could appear when implementing projects with these technologies from a technical and regulatory point of view. Additionally, modifications will be proposed in the regulatory and the financial mechanisms spheres in order to make the RE technologies sustainable in Colombia.

For this mean, a pilot project evaluation will be done so they can be used as technological demonstrators in three main topics:

• Solar energy for non-interconnectes areas
• Electro-mobility, intelligent charging systems with solar energy.
• Smart-grid and RE integration in the network

The projects will be identified along with the Colombian companies that work in this topic. These companies will work hand by hand with CEA in the identification of the obstacles. This project will enable a positive context for the new renewable and alternative energies technologies, fostering innovation and new business models for the implementation of these kind of energies, thus, generating a big impact and a regional and national level.