The Coffee 5.0 Model Expands to the Department of Antioquia

ALO&Partners has once again allied with Makaia to continue expanding the Coffee 5.0 Technology Transformation Model that started with the Tierra Colombia Project in Mesetas in the Department of Meta, Colombia. The first replica of this Model is kicking off in the municipality of Briceño, located in the Department of Antioquia. It is a territory that was impacted by the Colombian armed conflict, but has long-lasting tradition and excellence in coffee production. This project is financed by the Community Development and Licit opportunities Program run with USAID resources, and implemented by Tetra Tech Colombia.

This new implementation of the Model will span 18 months and has the purpose of strengthening the coffee value chain of 150 coffee farms through knowledge transfers in coffee technological processes and techniques. This will contribute towards improving their productivity, efficiency, and economic development, offering the opportunity to enter the differentiated coffee market.

6 rural schools will also be connected to the internet using TVWS technology, just as we did with the Tierra Colombia Project. Likewise, a series of technological appropriation and adoption activities as well as digital capacity creation sessions will take place to empower coffee growers in the use of technology as a means to improve their productivity.

In December 2019, ALO&Partners and Makaia carried out three field visits to kick-start the work with the community, meet with strategic allies and socialize some of the key activities that will take place in throughout the 18 months of the project.

We shared with the community. We had the chance of creating spaces and conversations with families, teachers, local assemblies, coffee association leaders and other key organizations to talk about the details of the project. Their involvement and buy-in from the early stages of the project are pivotal to its success. This project has been designed to create positive impact and benefits not only for coffee growers but for their surroundings too. Our premise is to increase productivity and economic development to substantially improve the quality of life of people.

A census for deeper understanding. We developed a data collection instrument that allows us to take a census of all of the coffee farms in the area. We collected coffee samples that private allies (and potential buyers) analyze in cup tastings. This will allow us to select the 150 beneficiary farms of the project, based on a series of objective criteria that draw on the potential of the coffee that they currently produce.

Empowering associations. In this project, we also seek to strengthen the ways in which coffee growers associate. This will help them improve their business practices and capabilities and will also allow them to assemble different agricultural products that they can later sell, creating competitive advantages for them in the market. Together with our allies, at ALO &Partners we seek to create new opportunities to intervene, and we become ever-more inspired by resilient communities that transform their own stories through excellence and vocation.