Terra Madre: Fine cocoa in Colombia

As part of the “Terra Madre” event that took place in the city of Turin from September 20 to 24, the activity “CacaoCamp” led by the company Domori and its president Gianluca Franzoni took place.

On this occasion, Andrea Londoño, director of ALO & Partners, had the honor of participating alongside Gianluca Franzoni in the talk entitled “Fine cocoa in Colombia – Strategies for an offer of quality appropriate to the demands of the market”.

The talk, led by the journalist Eleonora Cozzella of the Italian newspaper Republica, was used by the participants to present strategies related to strengthening the cocoa sector in Colombia, looking not only at the current cultivation of excellent genetic material – endorsed by the protocols led and implemented by Dr. Franzoni- but also the empowerment of cocoa farmers, their ability to transmit a model capable of positively transforming the lives of people working in the field and of acquiring, through precision agriculture systems, information relevant to them and for your immediate decision making.

Also the raw material transformers were the object of the talk regarding the possibility of having an adequate knowledge of the technical, geopolitical, economic and social environment of the intervention area of the cocoa crop. And it also included the final consumer who can know the origin of the raw material and the qualities or characteristics that identify the territory and the inhabitants who grow the product.