Promoting academic and technological development in the territory through an internet connection.

Six schools in Briceño with access to the internet.

Our modus operandi to meet the challenge of connectivity has been to use a holistic approach, inviting different players (government, private sector, universities, NGOs) in the development of projects that ALO&Partners advances in non-interconnected areas.

When we talk about connectivity, we refer to its introduction with very clear purposes: the interest and desire of farmers and smaller producers to understand in more detail how their agricultural business really works (because they now have access to data!), to have access to services such as tele-medicine for their own and the wider community’s health and online educational courses, or to use cutting-edge technologies such as blockchain. All of this including access to new services, such as fintech, is leading us to consolidate sustainable models where the service operators are the small producers’ cooperatives themselves.

In the “Café Briceño conectando con el mundo” project, we guarantee high-speed, low-cost internet connectivity using TV White Space technology in the rural schools of Palmichal, Gurimán el Hoyo, Gurimán la Loma, Roblal, Travesías and El respaldo, located in the Briceño – Palmichal corridor.

Access to a reliable, strong internet connection in these schools is key to boosting academic and technological development in the territory, which then contributes to improving the quality of life of the wider community.

It is noteworthy that connectivity is part of the goals of the municipality of Briceño, which has confirmed the success of this holistic work in which different players, from public sector through non-profit organisations to the private sector and academia, come together to work in synergy to achieve the objectives set by responding to the needs of the beneficiary communities.

Today Briceño is connected to the world through high quality internet, and training activities have been deployed to facilitate access to information, education, services and research through the web.

Partners: Mayor’s Office of Briceño, Government of Antioquia,

Technology provider: Servtek

Managers: ALO&Partners – MAKAIA