Technology Transformation Project in El Meta: TVWS connects five coffee farms and two schools

The “Technological Transformation” project, funded by the Lavazza Foundation and carried out by ALO&Partners, NGO Makaia and Microsoft, has brought the connectivity through the TVWS technology to the farmers and inhabitants of Mesetas in Colombia, which allows the use of unused spaces of TV frequency.

Currently, around one hundred people have the opportunity to obtain, through the network, the information, knowledge and tools they need for both daily work and study. Sixty five people took courses of Technological Appropriation and Technology applied to agricultural management, obtaining the educational title.

As of October, the necessary infrastructures were installed to guarantee that five coffee producing farms and two schools -strategic for the community- had access to the Internet.

The activities of digital training and technological appropriation by agricultural producers and teachers aim to improve the competence, capacity and level of education of the inhabitants of Mesetas in the Meta.