Technical mission in the region of Antioquia

Successfully completed the technical mission that was advanced in the region of Antioquia, Colombia, from November 18 to 25 in the framework of the project “Marca Territorial Antioquia” with the participation, by the Umbria-Italy region, of the Parco 3A, the Università Dei Sapori and the NGO TAMAT. The Italian delegation – made up of representatives of the three entities: Stefano Briganti, Filippo Pinelli and Domenico Lizz – had the opportunity to gather the necessary elements for the structuring of the activities of the territorial valorization project whose main objective is the positioning of the region of Antioquia through an image that will stand out unmistakably in any local, national or international context, united indissolubly to its peasants, its people, its crops, its nature and its topography.

The agenda included field visits to the municipalities of San Vicente, Cañasgordas, Chigorodó, Mutatá and Maceo in the department of Antioquia, as well as institutional meetings led by the Secretary of Agriculture of the Government of Antioquia, and with the participation of ALO&Partners, Comfama, Interactuar, the University of Antioquia and the Agrobiotechnological Development Center of Innovation and Territorial Integration, CEDAIT.

Cocoa, yucca, banana, avocado and citrus were the productive items analyzed in this first phase of the project, and tackling items that already have an acceptable regional positioning, such as specialty coffees and others, such as honey with great commercial potential.

The Parco 3A and the Agrobiotechnological Development Center for Innovation and Territorial Integration have identified synergies that will allow them to support each other in issues related to knowledge transfer, product certification with international standards (particularly European ones), biotechnology, protection and cure of autochthonous genetic material of the region.

The mission is part of the activities that will drive the executive project and that will include different processes both in matters of cooperation for development and in those that advance public-private partnerships.