Mission aims to enhance Antioquia’s territory

ALO&Partners in collaboration with the Parco3A, the University Dei Sapori di Perugia and with the participation of the NGO Tamat, gives way to Antioquia’s technical mission. 

Endorsed by the regional government, the mission aims to enhance Antioquia’s territory through the typical products and crops of the region. The first phase of activity in the territory refers to the study of cocoa, avocado, citrus, banana and cassava crops.
The program includes several agricultural and food producers in the area, as well as local institutions and NGOs working for the development of the territory and, in particular, for the development of the rural sector, such as Comfama, Interactuar, Chamber of Commerce of Medellín and the University of Antioquia.

The integrated program of cooperation actions in the territory of Antioquia becomes the catalyst of a series of initiatives that will improve relations between the Italian Region of Umbria and the Colombian Region of Antioquia thanks to the public-private and academic alliance.