Colombia and Modica together for the rebirth of Colombian cocoa

The presence of Colombian cocoa in CHOCO Modica is the result of the work of ALO&Partners that involved two relevant regions in the production of “fine aroma” cocoa in Colombia: Santander and Arauca.

Colombia is experiencing the post-conflict phase after the recent signing of peace, and agriculture is the main instrument to implement the peace process. The relationship that is created between the historic chocolate artisan production in Modica and the old agricultural production of Colombian cacao is today a firm bridge between two forms of knowledge and the correct path towards new theoretical and practical achievements.

Agriculture not only means sustenance but also work with one goal: It is the improvement of the quality of life; the recovery of the land, the landscape and the development of a conscious tourism.

Agriculture is a cultural and environmental tradition. That’s why we look at Italy with whom Colombia must become a great ally to join efforts and knowledge in agricultural activities that help us build territories and landscapes. And the chocolate artisan tradition of Modica, the first chocolate of Protected Geographical Indication, together with the quality of sustainable cocoa from Colombia, can build the desired bond between the two countries.

Colombia is a country that produces excellent cocoa, but almost all production is for domestic consumption. On this occasion, Arauca is present through the Coomprocar association, one of the largest nationally recognized organizations, which develops sustainable, environmentally responsible agriculture. As a leader in the production, processing and commercialization of cocoa, it can collaborate greatly in the objective of accompanying the cocoa farmers in their growth, development and improvement of living conditions.

The Colombian Cacao Company, CCC, is a recently created company that grows cocoa mainly in Santander and Cimitarra, attentive to the sustainable development of cocoa, the quality of the product and the preservation of the biodiversity of the growing areas.

The cocoa of Arauca and Santander, presented during ChocoModica, is a candidate to be an ally of the artisans who process the already renowned chocolate Modicano and to create a virtuous relationship between two products that make craftsmanship and quality its strength.