Collaboration Agreement between the Università dei Sapori de Perugia and SENA

The SENA has as an institutional policy, strengthen its relations with various organizations in order to bring comprehensive professional training to a greater percentage of the Colombian population, to contribute to the growth and strengthening of the social and business fabric, innovation and technological development, national competitiveness, impacting on sustainability and job creation.

SENA is the leading entity in Colombia in terms of promotion and strengthening of comprehensive professional training.

It is under this framework that an agreement is signed with the Università dei Sapori de Perugia, UDS, with the aim of joining forces to strengthen the gastronomy sector in Colombia.

ALO&Partners identifies and recognizes the work of this Italian center of excellence in gastronomy and creates the conditions to exchange knowledge and experiences, which after being analyzed by the parties, creates the bases of the SENA-UDS alliance, whose main objective is to provide the tools and knowledge in the subject of enogastronomy.

UDS is a world leader in the development of innovative educational materials on topics related, among others, to food and wine (enogastronomy), disseminated through a network of partner universities around the world. Likewise, based on the experience of the Mediterranean diet, it develops and promotes the research of functional recipes for health and human well-being.