Welcome to the next generation of agribusiness opportunities.

Don’t miss the chance to make valuable strategic connections in Colombia and Latin America at Expo Agrofuturo 2019, one of the region’s largest agribusiness fairs which will be held between September 18-20 in Medellín, Colombia.

Expo Agrofuturo is one of the leading expositions of the agriculture sector in the Western Hemisphere.

It has become a specialized agribusiness platform that promotes technology transfer, knowledge, trade and investment in Colombia and Latin America. This year, it will take place in Medellín, Colombia, at the Plaza Mayor convention center between September 18-20, 2019. The fair seeks to generate valuable connections and business opportunities that link Colombian and regional markets to the world.

Over 18,000 local visitors and more than 1200 visitors from 21+ countries from North America, Central America, South America, Europe, Asia and Oceania are expected to participate. Almost 400 companies and their top executives are expected to attend and generate more than USD 320 million in business.

This year, Italy is a guest of honor for the fair, which creates an unmissable opportunity for Italian companies to showcase their technology, innovation and knowledge-based products and services that can add value to the burgeoning Colombian and Latin American agricultural economy.

It’s the moment to look at Colombia and Latin America.

This region is becoming one of the planet’s main providers of raw materials, food and minerals. Its highly biodiverse and rich ecosystems provide the ideal climate, wind, hydric and energetic resources for the production and harvest of the food that is being bought by some of the largest consumer markets in the world.

Likewise, social and economic conditions are steadily improving, with a soaring consumer-base that has increased purchasing power; effective and productive economic clusters are being activated and supported by governments; and, there is an overall openness and favorability to foreign investment.

At Agrofuturo 2019, the long-lasting commercial ties between Europe and Latin America can expand, as the region becomes more interested in sophisticating and transforming its productivity through knowledge transfer, cutting-edge technology and innovation, and sustainable practices from countries such as Italy.

ALO&Partners is your ally in the generation of valuable connections.

ALO&Partners is the official representative of Agrofuturo 2019 in Italy, accompanying organizations that are interested in participating in the fair with strategic planning, coordination, communications and logistical arrangements before, during and after the expo. We have experience in brokering connections and alliances between countries, organizations and individuals in Europe and Latin America and specialize in structuring innovation and technology-based projects in agriculture, energy, education and culture.

In 2018, ALO&Partners led the creation of an alliance between Agrofuturo and MacFrut, one of the most important exhibitions for the food and vegetable sector in Italy and Europe. ALO&Partners is currently in the process of establishing new possibilities of joint work where Italian regions are willing to connect their agro clusters with the interesting agricultural dynamics of Colombia, in sectors including: agro-mechanics, green chemistry, sustainable construction and technology to transform raw materials.

We encourage Italian companies interested in expanding their growth and markets to participate in Agrofuturo 2019 with the guidance and support of ALO&Partners.

For further information about Agrofuturo 2019, visit www.expoagrofuturo.com

If you are interested in participating, please contact info@alopartners.com