Andrea Londono at MOKA – AgroFuturo 2022

Andrea Londono, our founding member, will be present at MOKA space at Agrofuturo 2022, during which she will address the topic of traceability and how to make the coffee and cocoa supply chain transparent and understandable to the end consumer. Specifically this means describing the origin of the crop, its quality, climatic conditions during growth, information about the drying process, data regarding transportation to the final destination including geographical coordinates, temperature and humidity during transport and the final stage of the transformation process of the raw material. Here she will speak about how blockchain technology is not only connecting all the players along the supply chain from producers to consumers but also providing data about raw materials, ingredients and nutritional values as well as information about the different stages of the production and transformation process.

What can blockchain do in an industry like agribusiness? And what benefits can it bring to companies selling to foreign markets? This will be the focus of the debate at MOKA the new initiative within Agrofuturo 2022.