ALO and the CEA present at the III International Meeting of Renewable Energies, Barranquilla-Colombia

Taking into account our firm commitment to actively participating in favor of sustainable development through our projects, ALO together with the Cea-French Alternative Energy Center- is participating in the III International Meeting on Renewable EnergiesThe Energy Transition, A Step into the Future, promoted by the Association of Renewable Energies (SER Colombia) and the World Energy Council (WEC), an event that takes place from April 2 to 3, 2019 in the city of Barranquilla, Colombia.

This event is an academic space of great importance in order to understand how the Colombian electricity sector will be transformed with the entry of Non-Conventional Energy Sources (FNCER) as a plater that complements the country’s energy matrix, and what exactly are the challenges worldwide in terms of energy security (access), social equity(affordability) and environmental sustainability.

It’s also an opportunity to share with stakeholders in the sector and the Colombian community some of the conclusions of the study carried out by ALO and Cea on “Non-conventional Renewable Energies in Colombia“. Likewise, thanks to CEA’s leadership in innovation issues applied to the industry and to areas related to energy – smart loads, storage coupled to the grid, and micro-grids in non-interconnected areas, among others – during the B2B spaces we will work, alongside local and regional players, in the identification, development and implementation of demonstrators on the topics that CEA wishes to promote in Colombia, as follows:

1. Electrification of non-interconnected zones (NIZ) by solar plants: The concept that solar solutions are cheaper and the unavoidable need to move to clean energies is increasingly widespread. However, regarding NIZ, there is still a lack of implementations and solutions to allow these zones to be able to function in a sustainable way in the long-term. For this, it is necessary to develop integrated solutions that allow an operator to manage all of the following: 
• EMS (Energy Management System)
• Smart energy management
• User information templates
• Programmable actuators
• Monitoring data storage

The Cea, thanks to its innovation center and its numerous patents, is carrying out pre-feasibility studies that include new Cea technologies. It should be noted that in Reuters’ ranking, the Cea figures among the top ten of the most innovative research centers in the world.

2. Solar energy systems in buildings: the Cea develops, adapts and transmits optimal algorithms for the operation of the facilities.

3. Electric mobility: the Cea leads projects of this type, sizing the energy solar plants with intelligent load management systems.

4. Storage coupled to the network: The Cea is an expert in optimizing the size and management of large storage systems coupled to the network.  

For more information about the Cea and topics of interest for the development of technological demonstrators in Colombia contact: info@alopartners.com