With the desire to continue strengthening partnerships with the institutional sector for the promotion and marketing of fine Colombian cocoa, ALO&Partners, in synergy with the Embassy of Colombia in Italy and the Italian Latin American Institute (IILA) presents UMAU to SIGEP. Thanks to its sustainable growth and commitment to the development of cocoa growing communities […]

TVWS Technology Transformation nel Meta in Colombia

Connectivity as an economic opportunity for the isolated rural areas and as a base for the experience exchange among the coffee growers in the world. Technology plays a key role in the process of strengthening the coffee’s quality and productivity. Therefore, it helps improving the living standards and sustaining the production change up to commercialization. […]

Wild Colombia

Science and knowledge to the service of man and his habitat. ALO identifies, maintains and disseminates cultural initiatives to build solid and sustainable bridges among countries.  National Geographic and ALO presented in exclusive to the Italian entrepreneurs an interesting documentary on the Colombian Pacific to transmit awareness and respect of the natural wealth and the culture of the countries […]

Olaya Herrera Municipality

Energetic solutions for a sustainable development. In the Nariño region, the inhabitants of the Olaya Herrera Municipality use wood as their main livelihood source. The lack of electric energy is one of the elements that harm the most the development of productivity in the area. Along with Renovo and with the local universities, we work to solve the […]

Colombia is Energy

Dialogue between France and Colombia. The joint work between the Colombian companies of the energy sector and the innovatice projects of the Atomic and Alternative Energies Center –CEA-, speeds up the innovation processes, opening new scientific development scenarios applied to industry. This is a meeting place thought and organized in France by ALO and RutaN, the main […]