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Promoting academic and technological development in the territory through an internet connection.

Six schools in Briceño with access to the internet. Our modus operandi to meet the challenge of connectivity has been to use a holistic approach, inviting different players (government, private sector, universities, NGOs) in the development of projects that ALO&Partners advances in non-interconnected areas. When we talk about connectivity, we refer to its introduction with […]

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Briceño’s coffee value chain connected to the world

This is an agreement through grant funding between Tetra Tech and Makaia with ALO partners as operational allies, bringing together our expertise and efforts to positively impact the coffee growing community in the municipality of Briceño, located in the north of the department of Antioquia. This area has been prioritised as a PDET territory and […]

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The Coffee 5.0 Model Expands to the Department of Antioquia

ALO&Partners has once again allied with Makaia to continue expanding the Coffee 5.0 Technology Transformation Model that started with the Tierra Colombia Project in Mesetas in the Department of Meta, Colombia. The first replica of this Model is kicking off in the municipality of Briceño, located in the Department of Antioquia. It is a territory […]

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Institutional Relations
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Education and culture
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