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Activating connections through technology and innovation in Mesetas, Colombia

At the beginning of February, we returned to Mesetas, Meta. This time, we went with XFarm, who we have partnered up with to leverage the internet connectivity that was deployed through TV White Space (TVWS) technology in 5 coffee farms.

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Connectivity strengthens livelihoods, preserves peace in Colombia

When making the business case for connecting underserved communities, we tend to focus on hard numbers like return on investment or percent increase of production. Yet as the rural community of Mesetas in Colombia shows, these effects are just the beginning. An alliance of private companies, nonprofits and governmental agencies is tackling the digital divide […]

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Technical mission in the region of Antioquia

Successfully completed the technical mission that was advanced in the region of Antioquia, Colombia, from November 18 to 25 in the framework of the project “Marca Territorial Antioquia” with the participation, by the Umbria-Italy region, of the Parco 3A, the Università Dei Sapori and the NGO TAMAT. The Italian delegation – made up of representatives […]

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